Launch of MIFARE SDK 5. June 2014

A new creative world for App developers


The MIFARE SDK is designed to provide access to all hardware features on Java level and enables Android apps to be created for MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG more easily than ever before. Leveraging the worldwide success of NXP´s product installations, the launch of MIFARE SDK opens up a world of new possibilities for creative Android application developers.

The MIFARE SDK is open to all, initially available as a free version with an advanced version to follow.

The development package:

    • Ready App and Go.

      Complete sample app project with source code included. Suitable as both starting point for new developments but is also ready for immediate deployment to smart phones.

    • LITE API.

      The universal API for common functions within MIFARE means that the developers can create a single application that will work on a range of MIFARE cards

    • Easy starting guide and comprehensive documentation.

      Step by step introduction on how to setup the development environment and how to import our library, together with Java documentation.

Your simple way to cool apps! 




Advanced version of MIFARE SDK

The advanced version also includes an extended set of commands for experienced developers. This upcoming version enables access to the extensive product features from a MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE PLUS or ICODE on Java level. It also comes with MIFARE SAM AV2 support, to securely store keys in a SAM soldered in a Bluetooth or USB reader connected with the smart phone.

For more details

download the MIFARE SDK leaflet

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June 1


th 2014 – EMEA/APAC session

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June 1



2014 – Americas session

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