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Non-authentic MIFARE products, including counterfeit ICs and cloned smart cards, pose a significant risk to everyone involved, from manufacturers and suppliers to end customers and consumers.

NXP’s NFC TagInfo App available on Google PlayStore, enables checks of the manufacturer origin by verifying an asymmetric signature retrieved from the IC using the UID as well as an ECC-based originality signature and an optional symmetric originality check by using a secret AES key. The purpose of the originality check is to identify mass penetration of none-genuine ICs to protect customer investments. As individual signatures can be still copied, it does not completely prevent hardware copy or emulation of individual ICs. As such, a valid signature is not a full guarantee. Therefore, this signature validation should be complemented with additional checks, for example with a check to detect if multiple ICs with the same UID are introduced in the system. Latest generation MIFARE, NTAG and ICODE product ICs offer the verification checks to identify the origin of the manufacturer. Hence, products with no ECC-based originality signature or secret AES key shall be migrated in order to better protect investments and limit risks in an infrastructure.

The NFC TagInfo application by NXP reads the Meta information and data from contactless RFID and NFC transponders. This allows you to see what technology is enabling your contactless cards. The app helps you explore the various NFC features of your devices and helps you enjoy the technology.

To view the tag information simply open the app and tap the NFC device against your NFC enabled smart device. This will then bring up various different types of information, for example, the IC manufacturer, IC type, or the IC memory size.

Main Features of NXP's NFC TagInfo App

  • Value checker function for a selected range of public transport systems
  • Identify applications contained on cards and tags
  • Helps to identify IC types and IC manufacturer
  • Extract and analyze NFC data sets (NDEF messages)
  • Read out and display the complete tag memory layout

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Discover some screenshots from NXP's NFC TagInfo App