The MIFARE Partner Program


MIFARE®, NXP’s brand of contactless IC products, is used in more than 10 billion contactless cards worldwide.

Building a successful business relies on two key elements: Trust and value. Expectations for both run high with customers, even more when the solutions being developed are used by millions of people every day, around the world.

The MIFARE Partner Program was introduced in 2003 to establish a platform for the eco-system players using MIFARE products which include, but are not limited to, chip card-, and reader manufacturers, consultants, service and solution providers, and system integrators.

Different categories and partnership levels have been established to easily connect the MIFARE partners with customers, to provide product trainings and to ensure high quality and global interoperability of MIFARE products and services.

The entry level into the world of MIFARE is open for every company which provides MIFARE related products or services.

MIFARE Registered Partner companies benefit from their presence on MIFARE.net, a direct connection to the MIFARE community, easier access to documents and discounted rates for trainings for MIFARE products held by NXP, besides the right to use the MIFARE Registered Partner logo in their communication.

MIFARE System Integrator Partners, MIFARE Advanced Partners and MIFARE Premium Partners are evaluated and selected by the NXP MIFARE team based on their contribution to the MIFARE product ecosystem. These partners benefit from a close cooperation, in-house trainings, priority sampling and elevated visibility and promotion.

MIFARE System Integrator Partner offer leading end-user solutions for applications based on MIFARE products, selected by NXP.

Mid-level partnership for long term MIFARE partners with a strong regional contribution to the MIFARE product eco-system, selected by NXP.

MIFARE Premium Partner are long term partners with international presence and major contributions to the MIFARE product eco-system, selected by NXP.

MIFARE Certification Partners offer functional certification to ensure global interoperability of cards based on MIFARE ICs and NFC readers for MIFARE products.

Officially trained and accredited by NXP, our Training Partners provide trainings for card and reader MIFARE ICs on a world-wide basis.