Ensuring conformity and interoperability with MIFARE products is crucial for the successful implementation and operation of products either manufactured or licensed by NXP.

With an increasing number of companies offering licensed products, trusting independent test houses and certification institutes for certifying licensed products and implementations ensures the quality and interoperability requirements are met.​

Independent certification provides assurance to (tendering) parties that certified smart card products will seamlessly operate with any certified terminal/reader.​

MIFARE Functional and Security Certification

Functional Certification ensures that the implementation of the respective MIFARE product conforms with all requirements and is primarily used to guarantee that the card, user media or reader products from a supplier will work correctly with any certified terminal or reader. Certified products fulfill the functional requirements in quality, reliability and interoperability for smart and secure MIFARE contactless ICs​.

Functional Certification

There are two levels of functional certification:

  • Level 1 ensures that the licensed product implementation shows the correct behavior according to the specification of the respective MIFARE product. This includes NXP's MIFARE ICs as well as implementations from licensees.
  • Level 2 concerns the testing and certification of the proper MIFARE product functionality on the RFID (air) interface (ISO/IEC 14443A part 3). Wave shapes and timing conditions are measured according to the respective ISO specification and with extended requirements for products. This concerns smart card, user media and inlay products as well as reader/writer terminal products.

Security Certification

Security Certification ensures the correct implementation of security-related features in MIFARE ICs, required to provide a secure environment for system providers and end-users.