Trademark and Branding Information

Trademarks and brands are intellectual property of NXP. Therefore, they represent high value for the company and its subsidiaries.

Only a proper usage of the MIFARE® trademarks and brand ensures consistency in brand recognition and trademark protection. As a consequence, please follow the MIFARE Trademark and Branding Guidelines in all communications, documents or any other electronic and offline materials, packaging, etc.

Our Trademark and Branding Guidelines apply to all of NXP’s customers and licensees or any other third party who makes use of MIFARE trademarks or logos. Only in case that special Trademark and Branding Guidelines are signed between NXP and its licensee, the special ones may be applied. Every reference to NXP’s MIFARE products associated with MIFARE trademarks or MIFARE figurative marks has to be truthful, not misleading and in accordance with our Branding and Trademark Guidelines.

MIFARE Word Trademarks

NXP’s Trademark and Branding Guidelines apply to the following MIFARE trademarks:

  • MIFARE Classic®
  • MIFARE® DESFire®
  • MIFARE Plus®
  • MIFARE Ultralight®
  • MIFARE FleX®
  • MIFARE4Mobile®

Please consider the following when using the MIFARE trademarks:

  • At the first or most prominent appearance of the trademark in any text, add the registered sign(s) ® accordingly. There’s no need to add the registered sign in the same document again.
  • The mark shall always be used in the most specific way. E.g., if you are referring to a MIFARE DESFire EV3 product, use “MIFARE® DESFire® EV3″.
  • The trademark shall not be broken up, separated or hyphenated.

MIFARE Figurative Marks – Logos

The use of NXP’s MIFARE figurative marks (logos) is only permitted after NXP’s prior written approval. Additional information on the usage of different logos can be found in the Trademark and Branding Guidelines:

  • MIFARE logo
  • MIFARE product family specific logos
  • MIFARE Partner Program logos

Questions on Trademarks and Branding?

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