For a growing number of smart card applications, where service providers need to ensure data and transaction security, NXP´s MIFARE SAMs (Secure Access Modules) are a good solution. It turns even the simplest reader into a high-security transaction device. With its on board cryptographic co-processors with 3DES, AES and PKI capabilities, our hardware solutions offers cryptographic features for a variety of secure infrastructures, including access management and automatic fare collection.




The MIFARE SAM AV3 is the latest addition to the MIFARE SAM portfolio. Discover more below.

Key benefits

  • Strong protection of highly sensitive keys (e.g. Master Keys)
  • Fast and lean design of edge computing nodes and gateways
  • High application performance in direct pass through X-mode
  • Customizable flow, executable with one command

Key features

  • Support for all MIFARE® ICs, UCODE® DNA, ICODE® DNA, and NTAG® DNA ICs
  • Secure download and storage of highly sensitive keys (e.g. Master Keys)
  • Supports Crypto 1, TDEA (56, 112, 168), AES (128, 192, 256), SHA-1, SHA-225,
    SHA-256, RSA and ECC
  • Secure download and storage of keys
  • Flexible key diversification
  • 128 key entries for symmetric cryptography,
    3 key entries for RSA, 8 key entries for ECC asymmetric cryptography and 48 EMV CA keys
  • Programmable functionality for customized commands and logic
  • X-mode for direct pass through connection with NXP reader IC
  • ISO/IEC 7816 interface with extended baud rates up to 1.5 Mbit/s
  • I2C slave host interface (in HVQFN package only)
  • Common Criteria EAL6+ (HW), MIFARE Security Certification (SW), FIPS 140-2 CAVP

MIFARE SAM AV3 Development Kit

Develop your secure devices for wide variety of applications such as transport ticketing, access control and process automation by using the MIFARE SAM AV3 Development Kit. Test the product features, various modes of operation, interfaces and configuration settings as well as exploring the board features for quick and easy design development and evaluation.


Not recommended for new designs

Key benefits

  • Ideally suited for multiple operator environments
  • Good performance with direct connection to the contactless reader IC
  • Supports crypto authentication and data encryption/decryption
  • Supports the entire MIFARE® family members



Key features

  • 3DES and AES, hardware cryptographic co-processors
  • PKI, RSA, CMAC support
  • Key diversification
  • Data encryption/decryption and signing
  • Data signing and signature verification
  • Secure download and storage of up to 128 keys
  • ISO 7816 interface communication speed up to 1.5 Mbit/s
  • Optional I2C interface
  • Available in standard PCM 1.1 module and HVQFN package