Chile Transport Ready for The Mobile Future 26. June 2014

Chile is a vibrant country undergoing rapid transformation. With a population of almost 17 million people spread across 756,000 kmthe Government is on a mission to modernize the country, better connect communities and improve efficiency nationwide.

Panoramic view on Valparaiso

Upgrading transport networks will be a vital part of this initiative with billions of dollars already pledged towards investment in infrastructure across the country. Much of these funds will be directed towards improving the standard of public transport. With this level of investment it is important that, in years to come, these upgrades are still be fit for purpose in our increasingly mobile focused world.

While paper/card ticketing is still the dominant means of public transport payment in South America mobile and contactless bank cards will increasingly have a role to play. This is why Chile have taken the step to upgrade their MIFARE Classic based contactless ticket system to MIFARE Plus to pave the way for mobile ticketing and multi-application smart banking cards in Chile.

“This upgrade to our transportation system not only results in better security and faster, more efficient processing for our customers but also prepares Chile for the next wave in transportation ticketing,” said Marisa Kausel, general manager of Metro Valparaiso and responsible for the migration in Rancagua.  “MIFARE Plus now enables us to plan future services for our passengers such as mobile ticketing, where your mobile phone becomes the ‘ticket’, or banking cards that can also be used as tickets.  This increased convenience for passengers will be a win/win for all.”

NXP has a good track record in providing contactless chip (IC) technology for ticketing systems and MIFARE  – which celebrates its 20th birthday this year – is already used in over 650 cities around the world including Moscow, London, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Bangkok, and Sydney.