Introducing the MIFARE SDKThe easy way to develop NFC enabled Android applications

The MIFARE SDK is designed to provide access to all hardware features on Java level and enables Android apps to be created for MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG more easily than ever before. Leveraging the worldwide success of NXP´s product installations, the launch of MIFARE SDK opens up a world of new possibilities for creative Android application developers.
The enormous reduction in development time enables Android app developers to focus on the real important things: designing cool apps for a range of applications like access management, closed loop micropayment, campus cards and loyalty programs. These apps can then be easily uploaded to the Google Play store, ready for the end-user.

Your simple way to cool Appsjust follow these Steps!



The first step is to login in order to get full access to our SDK documentation and the download area. If you are not registered yet, don't worry! You can register now



Download the MIFARE SDK and start developing cool NFC apps that work with the worldwide existing MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG infrastructure.



Follow our step by step install guide to get started with our SDK. You will see how easy it is to start building your first project and all the possibilities that you'll have

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The benefits

  • Reduced development time for Android APPs together with MIFARE, NTAG and ICODE hardware.
  • Short time from idea to market
  • Full commandset support on Java level
  • Easy and quick development of Android APPs
  • Type of card and technical knowhow doesn´t matter for first contact 
  • Easy entry to the MIFARE World with source code examples, sample application and documentation
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Download Mifare SDKand get your Starter Kit!

The free version of the MIFARE SDK, which can be used with most MIFARE cards, provides a subset of features for quick, easy development of lightweight applications. The advanced version of the SDK includes the complete command set, supporting advanced features on every card architecture and enables fast development of complex applications.

Install Mifare SDKWe will guide you!

The included sample Android APP with source code, together with the Java documentation and the java library makes it easy for you to develop your first Android APP. For a quick start we have also implemented a LITE API that can be used with most of our MIFARE products and you must not think about the product type.

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