Develop cool Android Apps with MIFARE SDK 6. June 2015

The EYA (European Youth Award) Game Jam a two and a half days workshop took place in Graz, UNESCO City of Design & Human Rights, from May 29-31. Many young people had the chance to show their creativity in development of innovative applications for smartphones and PCs in Graz, Austria, last week.  In less than 48 hours the attendees of the Game Jam had to develop new gaming prototypes.

The “Tag Hunter”, a gaming application that uses NFC tags to motivate people to go for a run on a regular basis by establishing new race tracks, was created with the MIFARE SDK. This example shows that the creation of cool and innovative Android APPs can be simple and time saving with MIFARE SDK, as it does not even take 2 days to develop new APPs. It just takes 3 simple steps to get started and benefit from the features of MIFARE SDK.

Click here to see the live presentation of the “Tag Hunter” app. The game is now also listed on the European Youth Award site.