Unleashing NFC Potential with iOS 13 and NXP Tag IC Solutions 25. September 2019

NFC – the technology that powers Apple Pay® and other smart features for iOS apps got a big upgrade with iOS 13. Announced at the WWDC Conference in June, and unveiled with the new iPhone® 11 series on the 10th of September, it’s now released on the 19th of September. Instead of just allowing iPhone to read NFC tags, apps will now be able to write directly to NFC tags and interact with tags through native protocols.

With this upgrade, Apple’s Core NFC framework now supports NFC tag reading and writing across multiple protocols, including NFC NDEF Tags (for end-user focused content), ISO/IEC 7816 combined with ISO/IEC 14443 (e.g. for passports and ID cards), ISO/IEC 15693 (for vicinity tags, e.g. in the supply chain), MIFARE®, and FeliCa™. That means iPhone will work in more places with more types of tags than before. Enhanced iOS 13 NFC capabilities, running on iPhone 7 and up, can be fully leveraged with NXP’s extensive NFC IC tag portfolio.

Using MIFARE with iOS 13

iOS 13 supports MIFARE products to enable innovative Smart City use cases for transport ticketing, access control, micropayment, loyalty programs, and more. With the arrival of iOS 13, it is possible to develop apps that can use the feature set of MIFARE® DESFire®MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE Ultralight® products. As such developers can create new applications like displaying content on a smart card, mobile ticketing or a personalization client for access management cards, just to name a few.

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