The NXP MIFARE Team Welcomes LEGIC as a New MIFARE Advanced Partner 4. September 2019

NXP Semiconductors has selected LEGIC Identsystems Ltd., the Switzerland-based leader in secure identification and legitimation management, as a MIFARE Advanced Partner. The granting of the Advanced Partner status recognizes LEGIC’s more than 25 years as an outstanding contributor to the development of smart cities with digital services and highlights LEGIC’s vital role as a regionally acting MIFARE ambassador. LEGIC has supported a number of high-profile MIFARE projects, including the Zurich Airport for example.

LEGIC shares NXP’s vision of adding value through innovation and the use of digitalization to enhance services and foster smart city environments. Guided by their aim to “enable connectivity for everyone,” LEGIC reduces the complexity and time-to-market of ID and Internet of Things (IoT) applications by offering technology solutions that are scalable, secure, flexible, easy to deploy, and designed to protect the investment.

The LEGIC Offering

LEGIC has been a trusted supplier of secure ID solutions ever since MIFARE was established 25 years ago, in 1994. As a result, LEGIC has deep expertise in  various MIFARE product-driven applications, including company IDs, campus cards, solutions for public transport, parking, access solutions for the hospitality industry, and city cards.

LEGIC’s technology platform, based on state-of-the-art security standards to secure data integrity, uses mobile and contactless technologies, such as RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Near Field Communication (NFC) to secure identification and manage legitimation in a wide range of establishing and emerging applications. The LEGIC platform includes reader and smart card ICs, key and authorization management tools, along with a mobile service, called LEGIC Connect, which consists of a trusted service and a Software Developer’s Kit for mobile apps. LEGIC also offers comprehensive consulting services to supplement their offering.

About the MIFARE Partner Program

NXP’s MIFARE Partner Program is a network of companies enabling secure, desirable, multi-application solutions based on market-leading contactless technology. Together, these companies form a community of component and solution providers working together to enable a flexible, interoperable end-customer solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. To learn more, visit www.mifare.net/partners.