UCODE DNA® and MIFARE Plus® EV1 awarded at Green Light contest 21. April 2016

Organized by the ElectroTrans congress and exhibition the annual Green Light contest awards innovations in electric transport. The awarding commission, chaired by Mr. Sergey Korolkov, MAP GET Vice President and President of the UITP Trolleybus Section, consists of different representatives which play a leading role in the urban public transport development in Russia.

New and innovative products, components and systems which will have an essential impact on the development of electric transport or increase its safety, efficiency and comfort can take part in the contest. And this year, two products from NXP have been awarded with the Green Light Award by the ElectroTrans committee: UCODE DNA and the recently launched MIFARE Plus EV1.

Green Light contest_UCODE DNA_2 Green Light contest_MIFARE Plus EV1_2
Green Light Certificate for UCODE DNA Green Light Certificate for MIFARE Plus EV1


NXP’s UCODE DNA is the world’s first UHF (ultra-high frequency) RAIN RFID tag IC that combines long read range performance with cryptographic authentication. The IC is ideal for the use in a wide variety of applications, such as electronic road tolling, electronic vehicle registration, license plate authentication, access control, asset tracking and parking. UCODE DNA has already been successfully tested for automatic vehicle identification and road tolling by the Russian company RUTOLL.

Discover UCODE DNA here.


The next evolution of MIFARE Plus, the brand-new MIFARE Plus EV1 contactless IC, includes an expanded feature set that enables over-the-air services and selective upgrades of security-relevant applications. MIFARE Plus EV1 enables system operators to upgrade the security of a single application to certified, 128-bit AES- based security, by upgrading only relevant memory, at the same time operating non-security-relevant applications on existing Crypto1 infrastructure to minimize overall system cost. It is ideally suited for different public transport, electronic tolling, access and loyalty use cases.

Discover MIFARE Plus EV1 here.