MIFARE® – present improved, future inside – join our Access Management webinars 9. May 2016

Since its launch back in 1994, MIFARE has become a wide portfolio of contactless products and complementing solutions. In 2016, the MIFARE product family gets enriched by 3 new products, including a wide set of brand-new, thrilling features. The NXP MIFARE team takes the expansion of its portfolio as a perfect opportunity to host a series of webinars, giving you an update on our latest offering.

MIFARE Access webinar series_header

This series of webinars adresses challenges from the markets and how MIFARE products can support you in solving these. The main focus of the webinar series lies on Access Management applications, besides that we will include further use cases like Micropayment. As experts in Access Management with a market share of over 50% with our MIFARE products, we’d like to give you a broad understanding of new and existing product features and a brief overview of the enabled solutions.

The webinar series starts on May 24 and runs until July 13, 2016. 

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