The NXP MIFARE team welcomes ISBC Group Russia as a new MIFARE Advanced Partner 23. March 2016

The ISBC Group is a well-known Russian company that specializes in the distribution of smart card equipment, contact and contactless cards manufacturing, smart card and RFID personalization services, and information security. The group was founded in 2002 and is based nearby Moscow. As the production is located only 15 km outside of Moscow and 20 km from the Sheremetyevo International airport, ISBC is able to provide rapid delivery throughout Russia and CIS countries.

The ISBC Group consists of the following divisions:

  • ISBC Cards – factory with full cycle manufacturing of contactless cards and RFID keys – from the IC to the card
  • ISBC Reader – equipment distribution in the field of smart cards
  • ISBC RFID – equipment distribution and consulting for mid-range and long-range RFID applications
  • ISBC Telecom – provider of cloud platform services for NFC tags
  • ISBC R&D – development of middleware and SDKs for different smart card applications
  • ISBC Livestock-ID – equipment distribution and tags personalization services incl. RFID technology integration and consulting for animal ID

The NXP MIFARE team honors the exceptional and long lasting support and contribution to the MIFARE® product eco-system in Russia by granting ISBC Group Russia with the MIFARE Advanced Partner status for 2016.

ISBC and NXP_small

NXP based smart credentials are ready for the next generation applications in Russia including:

  • Transportation and social cards for Russia and CIS countries
  • Gas/Oil payment cards
  • Various NFC-enabled loyalty cards
  • Identification and secure access
  • Skipasses

ISBC’s latest successful card projects are as follows:


  • Russia, Moscow metro card, NXP MIFARE Plus® X 2K, 950,000 cards
  • Russia, transportation and guest cards for St. Petersburg, 500,000 smart cards based on NXP MIFARE Plus X 4k
  • Kazakhstan, “ONAY” transport card with NXP MIFARE Plus SE 1K, more than 1,000,000 cards
  • Russia, transport card for Yaroslavl region, based on NXP MIFARE Plus SE 1K, 400,000 cards
  • Russia, campus card for 25 regions, based on NXP MIFARE Classic®, NXP MIFARE Plus S, more than 400,000 smart cards
  • Russia, transport smart card for Russian railway, NXP MIFARE Plus X 2K, 500,000 cards


ISBC Research and Design center
The ISBC Group has its own Research and Design center focused on RFID (mostly HF and UHF solutions with NXP tags) and software development for the smart card industry. The main aim of this center is to provide the knowledge and support that Russian integrators need for the successful implementation of RFID and smart card based solutions.

The showroom includes several solutions based on RFID and smart card technologies for present and future applications:

  • Logistics and vehicle identification (for cars, tracks and railway wagons)
  • Physical access management
  • Inventory management for warehouses and retailers
  • RFID solutions for libraries
  • NFC services for retailers (anti-counterfeit, smart posters, vouchers)
  • Livestock ID management


ISBC showroom_small