TapLinx – SDK For App Developers Celebrates 170,000 Users 12. February 2018

What started in June 2014 as the MIFARE SDK, is now an open-format software development kit called TapLinx. TapLinx uses open Java API and provides everything needed to create cool apps, that use NFC to connect to the physical world.

Within the past year, TapLinx SDK for Android has attracted more than 170,000 users. That’s over 14,000 downloads a month, and a clear indication that NFC-driven apps continue to gain momentum.

The Benefits of TapLinx for App Developers

TapLinx is a good way to start the development of app´s including NFC interaction with the real world.
Developers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Development time reduction
  • Use resources for creativity and usability
  • No detailed IC knowledge needed
  • Fast time to market

Enter a new world of creativity

Developers interested in developing an app that uses the full capabilities of NXP´s hardware solutions or want to increase security with an external key storage, then TapLinx SDK is the perfect choice. It enables the community to become creative in many different applications, such as those listed below:

  • Smart mobility (transport ticketing)
  • Event solutions (ticketing and micropayment)
  • Loyalty programs (coupons)
  • Smart homes (access solutions)
  • Gaming (mobile games)

TapLinx supports NXP´s MIFARE®, ICODE®, and NTAG® product lines, so developers have the flexibility to create apps compatible with a broad range of in-place infrastructures.

The TapLinx Developer Community is a dedicated support forum, so the latest tips, tricks, and design ideas are always accessible. Getting access to NFC tags supported by TapLinx is quick and easy, too, since members of the developer community and NXP’s own distribution partners offer simple online ordering.

The TapLinx SDK continues to evolve, and offers expanded functionality and enhanced performance with each new release. The longer-term roadmap for the SDK also includes support for other platforms, beyond Android. Through this expansion to other platforms, such as Windows, mobile apps can be easily complemented with desktop applications offering complete solutions for new use cases.

The latest version 1.4, which adds support for new NFC Forum Type 5 Tag variants available from NXP as NTAG51x, also adds fixes for issues that developers called to our attention. To access Release 1.4, visit the TapLinx Developer Community page.