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  • Re: Reply To: How to set a password for locking write operation on NTag21x?

    4. April 2018 at 14:01
    in reply to: How to set a password for locking write operation on NTag21x?
    First of all, I am so so sorry for replying too late. I just could find time, now, I will share my solution.

    Firstly, I suggest everyone to use sample app which is developed by TapLinx Support. You can use this link to download it and also you can access a lot of information from this link, like documentation or release notes... Now, you downloaded sample app and just by providing some debug methods like writing log messages or just by using breakpoints, try to understand how the program works. How the code runs. It just reads data from tags and write data to tags. After, you figured it out how the program works, you can go next step. For this step, I can tell this the program chooses card type and apply what the developer wants just by using cardLogic methods. I assume you already make program work by the way.

    Second step,

    for my case, i have ntag216 nfc tags.

    As I said,
    private void ntagCardLogic(final INTag tag)
    function works and my tag is passed as argument into this function. In this function, I casted my tag to
    NTag213215216 myTag = (NTag213215216) tag;
    like this.
    I casted because the functions which I need is reachable from this class.

    byte[] defAck = new byte[] {(byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x00};
    byte[] defPass = new byte[]{(byte) 0xff, (byte) 0xff, (byte) 0xff, (byte) 0xff};

    These are default values in my tag.

    myTag.programPWDPack(newPassword, newAck);

    You can change these values just by using this function in the begining.


    If you use this function and pass argument as true, that means if you want to change those values, now you need to authenticate on tag.

    myTag.authenticatePwd(defPass, defAck);

    You can use this function to authenticate tag. If the values you passed matches the ones on the tag, then no problem, code continues to run, but if they don't match then you will get a Tag was lost exception. I know it is a little bit misunderstood :D I couldn't figure it out that it is because wrong password for a while.

    Once you authenticate, you can change those passwords.

    Now, if you want to make your tag write protected. You can use

    myTag.enablePasswordProtection(false, 4);

    this function. First parameter for read&write or write protection as I understand. I needed write protection so I passed true argument. Second parameter is for the page number. My tag had approximately 200-250 pages and user page was starting from fifth which means page number 4 :D so I protected my whole user pages with a write protection now. After this operation, if you want to write anything on to tag, you need to authenticate with the password and ack first. So, thats it.

    I want to end my words just by saying sorry again. Maybe or definitely my English is not perfect. If I couldn't express myself please let me know. Also, I am not a professional teacher or an instructive. Maybe, my informing method is not true. Anyway, if you have any question or comment. You can reach me from or you can write here. Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Reply To: How to set a password for locking write operation on NTag21x?

    23. March 2018 at 10:38
    in reply to: How to set a password for locking write operation on NTag21x?
    Hello Wu Duhai, I solved my problem. I will share my solution in here. But nowadays, I am very busy. I will write sample solution with a good documentation. Wait for my message.
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    Re: Reply To: Authentication Error Exception

    13. March 2018 at 13:17
    in reply to: Authentication Error Exception
    I had a similar problem. When authenticating, if authentication is wrong or if the tag couldn't be authenticated, the program gives tag lost exception. I couldn't figure it out for a while that it is the error for that process. Maybe, a new exception could be implemented. Because I didn't know that tag lost exception is throwed when authentication couldn't be done, I sent a post here that I couldn't do what I desired.

    To sum up :D I agree with you that a new exception should be in the library.
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    Re: Reply To: How to set a password for locking write operation on NTag21x?

    1. March 2018 at 12:56
    in reply to: How to set a password for locking write operation on NTag21x?
    Thanks for your reply. It is a very nice documentation, but it is a little bit complex for me and I don't have too much time. TagWriter satisfies all my needs which means yes, I can do what I want for my project with TapLinx library. However, I need specific functions and orders. Can you help me in this way?
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    Re: Reply To: HOW TO GET SDK?

    10. February 2018 at 15:04
    in reply to: HOW TO GET SDK?
    Hello! I am developing a senior year project with NFC tags as a computer engineer student. I am trying to use this Taplinx library. Is there anyone who can help me? Please send an email to me:
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