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  • 17. October 2016 at 19:40
    We have a Mifare system that works great with reader and tags (S50 1k).

    A customer bought a set of NTAG216 tags, these don't want to be read or written to by our system. It's not clear, from the datasheet it appears that the NTAG216 should be backwards compatible with the Mifare system. Is that right or wrong?

    What differences are there between them that would stop the NTAG216 being read?
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    Re: Using NTAG216 on a Mifare system

    19. October 2016 at 13:26
    Hi David,

    This depend on what do you mean with “MIFARE system”. If you mean the MIFARE Classic card, then the answer is no. Ntag family and the MIFARE Classic are different.

    The TapLinx Team

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    Re: Using NTAG216 on a Mifare system

    18. November 2016 at 17:56
    Hi David,
    I have been working with this MIFARE tags for almost 5 yrs. Your question is very generic and difficult to answer just like that. The following statements in my own words might help you
    1. S50 is based on the concept of Block and Sectors and I am sure you are aware of authentication using KeyA or KeyB
    2. NTAG216/NTAG215/NTAG213 are based on the concept of Pages and they are backward compatible with MIFARE Ultralight. I mean the top 16 pages are the same.
    3. NTAG21x however has dynamic locks and also nice Page Protection using Password protection.

    If you want to know more, please visit youtube, I have made around 40 videos explaining Mifare s50, Ultralight, EV1, Ultralight C, NTAG21x and Mifare Desfire EV1. look for finitepi videos.

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