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  • 21. March 2017 at 18:12
    Hi all!

    I purchased a desktop USB reader using Mifare chipset with the following specs:

    HF Reader & Write
    Standards: ISO 14443A, ISO 15693
    Support: MIFARE® Classic 1K; MIFARE® Classic 4K; MIFARE® UltraLight; Mifare Pro; AT88RF020; 66CL160S; SR176; SRIX4K(TYPE-B; I-Code2; TI RFid Tag-it, EM4135, EM4034 etc.

    The problem is that it came only with Windows drivers and I want to use it on Linux (Ubuntu).

    I checked Taplinux but found no Linux driver for the above mentioned Mifare chips (Classic 1k, Classic 4k etc).

    Where can I find a tutorial (howto) for the driver installation and a demo (testing) software?

    Thank you!
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    Re: USB Desktop Reader on Linux (Ubuntu)

    22. March 2017 at 9:22
    Hi Daniel,

    To use a reader for contact or contactless cards uses the PC/SC interface for connecting to desktop systems. The PC/SC standard was established by Microsoft, but it was adopted also for Linux and Macintosh devices. For Linux it is called “PCSC-Lite”.

    The TapLinx team

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