Trying to read DESFire EV1 Card, requires Authentication.

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  • 20. May 2016 at 10:31
    Hi César,

    Whether you need an authentication or not, depends on the permissions you gave at the creation of the file. Please have a look to the example at link from above. You are free to set the read permission to key #0E (which means free access) and the write permission to key #01 (which means use key #1). The MIFARE SDK uses this constructor for the file settings object:

    DESFireFile.FileSettings(DESFireFile.FileType filetype, DESFireEV1.CommunicationType comunSettings, int readAccess, int writeAccess, int readWriteAccess, int changeAccess)

    The parameters for the permissions are explained here:
    Online doc

    If you create a file with “readAccess = 1” then you have to use card key #1 for authentication. You have to use the correct card key and the correct keystore number in the authenticate command. But if you create the file with “readAccess = 0x0E” then you can read from the without authentication, because it is plain.

    Kind regards,
    The MIFARE Team
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