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  • 3. December 2016 at 7:50

    I am using Mifare SAMAV2 in X-mode.

    I am trying to authentication with host. For that, using AuthenticateHost command as per the ALPAR Protocol format.

    In part1, i am getting successfully response of Rnd2+90+AF. But after that, i am trying SAM_Generate_CMAC but it's not working properly.

    it's respond me 60000200688389.

    60 is positive Acknowledgement but after that it's not properly.

    what is meaning of 6883.
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    Re: MIFARE SAM AV2 with RC663

    5. December 2016 at 15:41
    Hi DevPatel,

    Sorry, what do you mean with “ALPAR Protocol”? While AuthenticateHost() is not finished, you cannot do any other operation with the SAM. The AuthenticateHost is explained in detail in chapter 11.1.3 of the datasheet.

    The TapLinx Team

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