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  • 16. May 2016 at 10:45
    I'm trying out the Mifare plus X with Mifare SDK Lite using the sample code, I'm get an error "Card NOT supported".
    The cards are still factory default, their Security Level is 0 (SL0) is that the cause of the problem? because in the SDK Manual they say that the SDK Lite supports SL3, If so how can I can get my cards' Security Level to the supported Level.
    If not, can you help me with procedure of working with Mifare Plus X using the SDK Lite, sample codes will helpfull too.

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    Re: MIFARE Plus Read/Write SDK Lite

    17. May 2016 at 11:33
    Hi Emmanuel,

    A brand new MIFARE Plus X is in Security Level 0. You have to personalize the card into the Security Level 1 or 3. Level 1, if you have to be compatible to the MIFARE Classic, Level 3 if you want to have AES encryption.

    The MIFARE SDK allows you only to personalize a SL 0 card to SL3. Please us the command IPlusX.authenticateSL3().

    You will find the documentation here.

    The MIFARE Team
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    Re: MIFARE Plus Read/Write SDK Lite

    17. May 2016 at 16:38
    Do you happen to have sample code that shows how to implement the authenticatSL3: authenticateSL3(boolean firstAuth, int blockNo, int keyNo, byte keyVersion, byte[] divInput, byte[] pcdCap2In) and the entire Mifare plus X personalization process and also if you happen to have an app for that can you help with it.

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