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  • 11. July 2016 at 14:25
    Hi guys,
    I have been using most MIFARE cards except Desfire EV1. I am using a PC/SC compatible reader/write and able to send commands for MIFARE Classic, UL, ULC, NTAG21x etc. Mifare Desfire is kind of a buzz word in internet and being technologist I am curious to learn that and eventually create software around that tag. My question is about the command set. I understand there must be a NDA to use it. However, there are so many documents available in internet that shows full native commands for Desfire. Infact, there are many questions and answers in this forum that give us some details about few native commands. So, understanding desfire commands is not an Issue.

    I recently bought a book about RFID by author GERHARD H. SCHALK & RENKE BIENERT and event this books shows examples of various native commands and the accompanying source code with the books shows more or less most native command.

    With all the above information available, Am I legally allowed to use those commands in my software? or do I have to sign an NDA before using those instructions?

    One more questions I have. If I sign a NDA, Am I legally allowed to use the instruction in APDU and also mention few commands in my user docmentation?

    I appreciate if someone can help me understand these please :-)
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    Re: Mifare Desfire Native Commands

    13. July 2016 at 9:55
    Hi Narendc,

    Sorry, but the native commands of the MIFARE DESFire EV1 are NDA protected. You will get all information after signing about native programming and other details and you are allowed to optimize your software and use the DESFire as effective as possible. But you are not allowed to publish all details of your implementation if you violating the NDA. This means not publish detailed DESFire commands and byte sequences.

    You may wonder, but the MIFARE DESFire is a high security product in contrast to the MIFARE Ultralight, NTag etc. Security for our products and of course also for the applications of our customers is one of our motivations and objectives.

    Kind Regards,
    The MIFARE Team
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