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  • 13. March 2018 at 14:30
    I received some cards that are supposed to be Mifare classic cards.
    But when I perform a Level1 activation procedure I have some strange result on the ATQA
    REQA :26 07
    ATQA : 04 00 28
    ANTICOL1 : 93 20 08
    UID_CL1 : 67 75 CB 3B E2 28
    SELECT1 : (omissis)
    SAK : 08 B6 DD

    Now, According to ISO14443-3 the first byte of the ATQ is RFU and second part defines UID size and anticollision bits.
    The value 00000 for the anticollision is defined as RFU.
    Then according to the AN10833.pdf bits 16-9 of ATQ can be set to 0x04 but not for mifare classic products.
    Furthermore, in MF1S50YYX_V1.pdf the value of ATQA should be 00xx.

    Could you please help me in understanding what's going on here?
    Thanks and best regards,
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