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  • 27. January 2017 at 2:50
    I am reviewing a dual interface card trying to understand the contactless interface type. Is the Mifare 1k refereed below referencing Mifare Classic

    1.5.2 SmartMX contactless interface
    The optional contactless interface is fully compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 A as well as
    NXP Semiconductors field proven MIFARE technology. A dedicated Contactless Interface
    Unit (CIU) manages and supports communication using data rates up to 848 kbit/s. A true
    anti-collision method (in accordance with ISO/IEC 14443-3) enables multiple cards to be
    handled simultaneously.
    The optional MIFARE functionality provided in configurations B1 (MIFARE 1K
    implementation) and B4 (MIFARE 4K implementation ) safeguard the interface
    compatibility with any installed MIFARE infrastructure. The ability to run the MIFARE
    protocol concurrently with other contactless transmission protocols implemented by the
    user OS (T=CL or self defined) enables the combination of new services and existing
    applications based on MIFARE (e.g. ticketing) on a single dual interface controller based
    smart card

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    Re: Is Mifare card the same as Mifare Classic

    27. January 2017 at 10:16
    Hi Onyekachi,

    Yes, you can get the MIFARE Classic in variants of 1K (MF1ICS50) and 4K (MF1ICS70) memory.

    The TapLinx Team
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