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  • 11. May 2016 at 21:52

    DesfireFire Personalization, Authentication
    I have been studying the SDK (lite) and trying to make sense of the APIs. Below are functions API for DesFire. I am trying to understand the sequence of formatting, personalizing and writing and writing the cards.

    I have listed methods in the order I believe is how a new virgin cards is used. Please validate my sequence if it makes sense

    I have also labeled the function arguments names to match what I believe they arguments actually are; for example, I believe the Master Keys in all the functions (assuming your working on the same card ) are the same Masterkey. Please validate my thoughts because, in the example provided in the SDK document, the Master Keys are called
    in format and personalize function.
    in updateApplicationMasterKey, and authenticate function, oldKey and newKey respectively in updatePICCMasterKey.

    My thinking is that they are the same piccmasterkey and appKey (assuming the same card )

    This is my understand of sequence of processing for a new Virgin DesFire card - Does this make sense?
    1. Formatted – the card needs to be initialized by formatting the cards
  • mDESFire.format(piccmasterkey)

  • This piccmasterkey is a 16 bytes AES key I generate right? Does a card come with a default key?
    2. Personalized – card is personalized as shown below
  • mDESFire.personalize(piccmasterkey, appId, appKey);

  • piccmasterkey is the same key I used in the format right?
    I generate my own appKey (16 bytes AES key) right?

    3. UpdatePICCMasterKey
    mDESFire.updatePICCMasterKey(oldpiccmasterkey, newpiccmasterkey)

    4. UpdateApplicationMasterKey
    a. mDESFire.updateApplicationMasterKey(piccmasterkey, appId, oldappKey,newappKey)

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Re: DesfireFire Personalization, Authentication

12. May 2016 at 9:39
Hi Onyekachi,

Please have a look to this post.

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