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  • 4. March 2015 at 4:20
    hello guys

    i would like to ask if you have a working DLL that could be able to add to my new application created on C sharp i am using Visual Studio Net 2012, i have here some source code from Ansi C but no luck on its function imported to VS2012 its give me an error that memory is corrupt..its been more than two weeks i cannot figure it out...i'm trying to OFF the led of the NXP CLRD710 but no luck in C# code..may i ask you have a working codes created from C#..

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    Re: Asking a DLL for NXP CLRD710

    13. March 2015 at 6:51
    Any answer for this? I also needed same for working with ultralight C tag in my dotnet application. Neobagsjol please let me know if you have find any solution
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    Re: Asking a DLL for NXP CLRD710

    17. March 2015 at 11:34
    Hi neobagsjol and kamii47,

    currently the MIFARE SDK is available only for Android but a release for Windows .NET is being planned. You can use the NXPRdLib for communicating with the “Contactless Reader RD710” also known as Pegoda Reader. The NXPRdLib is written in C but you can used as “unmanaged library” in your Visual Studio project.

    These links may useful:

    The MIFARE Team
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