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  • 21. May 2018 at 9:59
    I'm newbie. i'm little confuse about PICC master key and Application Master key, and Keys number.

    1) each Mifare DESfire PICC card has only one Master key. do each application can have 14 key? or the PICC total has 15 key. key id zero always means Master key. if AID==0x000000, the key is PICC master key, other is Application Master key. right?
    2) difference Application has difference key? PICC total has 1 + 26 * 14 = 365 number keys. right? they did not effect each other.
    3) what's default key value for all key in blank card, all zero? type is 3DES single(K1)/double(K1K2K1 mode)? or 3DES 3keys(K1K2K3 mode), AES?

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