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19. April 2016 at 15:03
Hi Onyekachi,

Please let me explain. You have to separate the MIFARE card products, the MIFARE SDK and the SAM AV2. The MIFARE SDK is a library with helps you to develop Android apps which use the NFC interface. If you want to access to a MIFARE Classic, Plus, DESFire or any of the other products on an Android phone the choice of the MIFARE SDK is a good option.

Usually you do not use a SAM on an Android phone, because the only way to access a SAM is to use a SD card reader connected via USB. You have to use a driver for the SD card reader and the USB interface. Previous releases of the SDK supported the HID Omnikey 6121 reader. But the support is discontinued by HID now.

If you use a terminal with runs Android, then you have to build Android from the sources and adapt it to your hardware. For instance when you provide extra SD card slots in your hardware, then you have to bind this slots to the Linux/Android system before you can use it. Unfortunately there is no standard interface for such slots, so an external application programmer cannot use it in its software when its software should run on any Android phone. Nor can one offer a service or a library over this extra SD card slot if it does not exist as standard interface.

OK, let us come back to the SAM. If you want to use it in an Android system which provide such extra SD Card slot, it is your responsibility to write the interface driver to connect it to the system. The MIFARE SDK will not - and cannot provide a SAM because the official Android API does not support such slot.

I hope, it is a little bit clearer now what is possible and what not.

Kind regards,
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