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6. July 2015 at 14:38
really thanks for your post
you are right about rfid tag(mifare plus as a picc)
but i mean pcd or card reader chip.
a reader must act with a mifare classic or mifare plus as a transportation card and with nfc mobile phone too(mobile transferes data from a special app based on nfc to card reader )
then we have two kind of picc(rfid tag):
1- mifare cards
2-smart phone with nfc

with these specifications which chip is best choice?

1-mfrc522 rfid reader/writer is chip,simple ,with a lot of initialing source codes & libraries,
but i dont know can it consider nfc mobile as a picc & transact data with it or not?

2-the other choice is pn532:
a bit more expensive than rc522,capabilty of communicate as a nfc phones , with some source codes & libs on internet
maybe its not best choice for public transportation solutions (paying metterd cost ) maybe there are better chips especially designed for these area but i dont have more information.

3-3th one is smartmx2 secure mcu
integrated reader/writer with 16bit mcu that dosent need external mcu for controlling pcd chip:
probably is more expensive than others,with a difficult of supplying & without any source codes/library

know i am completely mixed up ,,in same solutions whats best choise?
with best regards
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