Powering Smart Stadiums with contactless MIFARE product solutions 31. July 2017

Contactless solutions like NXP’s MIFARE® products help stadium operators and sport clubs in creating a good fan experience. Contactless smart cards, wristbands, or smart paper tickets that are using MIFARE products provide fans quick and secure access to the venue.

Closed-loop cashless payment systems based on MIFARE® DESFire® contactless ICs allow fans to pay with a tap of their smart card, thus reducing waiting times for food, drinks and at merchandise stands. Operators can use their existing contactless Point of Sale (POS) terminals complemented by mobile solutions, using any NFC-enabled device as a mobile POS.

The integration of mobile apps that interact with smart cards offer stadium operators a direct, personalized communication channel with soccer fans, before, during and after the match, and fans can collect points for the loyalty program. Further, additional value for season ticket holders and VIPs can be created through contactless systems. Stadium operators gain real-time data and can adjust their processes for creating the best possible fan experience.

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