Gallagher Security is now a MIFARE System Integrator Partner 8. August 2017

NXP welcomes Gallagher Security, a technology leader in access control and perimeter protection, as a member of the MIFARE System Integrator Partner Program.

Headquartered in New Zealand, Gallagher develops and delivers intuitive, intelligent, and innovative security solutions that integrate seamlessly with customer’s business management systems. Gallagher’s tailored security solutions are used by national and local government, mining, military, commercial, industrial, healthcare, transportation, and academic organizations in more than 100 countries.

Complete Security Platform

Gallagher’s security solutions include networked (software controlled) and standalone perimeter monitored pulse fencing, no-feel sensor technologies, and integrations with third-party technologies. The company delivers fully integrated electronic access control, intruder alarms management, and perimeter security through a single scalable integration platform, called Gallagher Command Centre.

The Command Centre platform uses NFC smart card readers and terminals for MIFARE® products as the user interface for physical access control, the control of building management system functions, and the enforcement of business processes, including health and safety, as well as compliance policies.

Gallagher’s full suite of reader products and accessories extends MIFARE product authentication to different installation environments, indoors and out. Gallagher also makes it easy to customize authentication, with device profile options and a suite of accessories, so end users can make NFC readers for MIFARE products a seamless part of their décor.


Trusted MIFARE Foundation

Gallagher uses the latest NXP ICs to manufacture their MIFARE-enabled readers and terminals, and offers a full range of ISO-compatible options, including MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, and MIFARE DESFire smart card technologies. Recently, Gallagher has introduced a new generation of access cards and key fobs based on MIFARE DESFire EV2, compatible with all Gallagher T-Series readers.

“By offering robust, cost-effective MIFARE readers and credentials based on NXP technology, we give our customers the confidence of knowing that physical access is strictly limited to those who are authorized,” says Steve Bell, Chief Technology Officer of Gallagher Security.

What the Partner Program Means to Gallagher

In their role as a system integrator, Gallagher uses MIFARE to create innovative solutions that address real-world demands for convenience, value, and security. By bringing together all the technologies needed to develop compelling, easy-to-use solutions, systems integrators like Gallagher play a vital role in the broader MIFARE ecosystem.

MIFARE System Integrator Partners are selected by NXP, offering leading end-user solutions for MIFARE applications. The System Integrator Partner level makes it easier for operators and end users to find complete solutions, based on the latest MIFARE innovations, that deliver tailored performance with maximum convenience.

“We’re excited to become a member of this exclusive NXP community,” says Steve Bell. “As a MIFARE System Integrator Partner we look forward to working closely with NXP, helping to define new MIFARE products, and pursuing joint marketing initiatives.”

Proven Application Expertize

Gallagher’s security solutions often serve to protect vulnerable populations, such as school children and hospital patients, and the people employed to care for them. Here are a few examples of their MIFARE-driven installations:

  • Harrisburg School District, South Dakota, USA

Protecting almost 4000 students across eight schools in a rapidly growing school district, Gallagher Command Centre covers a region of 70 square miles, 10 buildings, 68 doors, and 585 card holders. The system was put to the test in October 2015, when the local high school was the target of a shooting. Logs from the incident confirm that, from the time the emergency button was pressed, it took just four seconds for Command Centre to lock all outside doors, notify district authorities, and limit building access to emergency responders only.

  • Waikato District Health Board, Hamilton, New Zealand

Servicing a local population of 450,000 people, this network of a large secondary and tertiary hospital, along with three rural hospitals, uses Gallagher Command Centre to safeguard 176,000 square meters of buildings, over 18 hectares, with over 730 access-controlled doors, 40 alarmed and monitored refrigerators and freezers, 15 carpark barrier arms, one gate, and 6500 employees. The installation governs low- and high-security areas, protecting everything from medicines and medical equipment to high-risk dementia patients and newborns in intensive care units.

  • Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Accommodating over 6000 students in a state-of-the-art facility, this Gallagher security solution protects 28 buildings, over an area of 229,000 square meters, with 650 doors. The solution provides peace of mind that movement throughout the campus is managed simply and efficiently to ensure a safe, secure environment. Gallagher’s solution allows security personnel to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities with efficiency, and is designed to support expansion, with the student population expected to grow to 7500 and the campus to cover a new area of 269,000 square meters.


About Gallagher

Gallagher Security is a division of Gallagher Group, a global leader in the innovation, manufacture, and marketing of security, animal management, fuel systems, and contract manufacturing solutions. Established in 1938, Gallagher Group is a privately owned New Zealand company that employs more than 1100 staff and exports to over 100 countries. For more about the company’s unique position in intelligent security solutions, visit www.security.gallagher.com.

About the MIFARE Partner Program

The NXP MIFARE Partner Program  is a network of companies enabling secure, desirable, multi-application solutions based on market-leading contactless technology. Together, these companies form a community of component and solution providers working together to enable a flexible, interoperable end-customer solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.