NXP Delivers Enhanced Security for New and Legacy Smart City Services with MIFARE Plus EV2 IC 23. June 2020

NXP today announced MIFARE Plus® EV2, a second-generation IC designed to be both a gateway for new Smart City applications and a compelling upgrade, in terms of security and connectivity, for existing contactless deployments – without the need for extensive upfront investments to kick-off migration projects.

The features of the MIFARE Plus EV2 reflect NXP’s philosophy that strong security can be simple to deploy. The IC enables a seamless, step-by-step upgrade for existing contactless infrastructures, helping them become more secure and more flexible. The IC also demonstrates longer read range capabilities and faster transactions times than its predecessors, so secure contactless Smart City services are even easier for individuals to adopt, use, and trust.

Strong Support For Existing Infrastructures

The MIFARE Plus EV2 IC is designed to help existing infrastructure enhance their security protections. The innovative Security Level (SL) concept, along with the special SL1SL3MixMode feature, allow Smart City services to move from the legacy Crypto1 encryption algorithm to next-level protection. The block-based structure of MIFARE Plus EV2 is compatible with the block-based structure of MIFARE Classic EV1 and MIFARE Plus applications, so deployments based on Crypto1 can retain their structural infrastructure logic while migrating to higher 128-bit AES security for authentication, data integrity, and data protection. Hence, the backward compatibility to MIFARE Classic EV1 and MIFARE Plus products offers a cost-efficient way to upgrade the security features of in-place smart card applications and existing infrastructures. As the IC supports legacy and new infrastructures at the same time, end users can conveniently continue using the same smart card while the system is being upgraded to higher security.

“As NXP’s MIFARE Premium Partner, AdvanIDe is dedicated to meet the highest quality and security standards with its products. With more than 20 years of experience, AdvanIDe has delivered several products, solutions and value-added services based on MIFARE products, which are used in numerous applications worldwide. The new MIFARE Plus EV2 is positioned to further extend NXP’s and AdvanIDe’s joint success in these demanding markets”, says Jason Hitipeuw, Segment Head – Smart Mobility, Objects, Consumers and Secure Infrastructure, AdvanIDe.

Expanded Feature Set with Support For Mobile Services

Special features address the need for enhanced security and privacy in Smart City services. A card-generated Transaction MAC helps to securely authenticate transactions in a multi-operator infrastructure to prove that the transaction executed is genuine towards the backend system, and a new Transaction Timer feature, which can be used to set a maximum time per transaction-helps to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. The IC hardware and software are certified to Common Criteria EAL5+.

Operating MIFARE Plus EV2 in Security Layer 3 supports the use of NXP’s MIFARE 2GO cloud service, so Smart City services such as mobile transport ticketing and mobile access can run on NFC-enabled smartphones and wearables.

The MIFARE Plus EV2 IC is released for sale and available in MOA4, MOA8 and wafer delivery forms. For more information, please contact your NXP sales representative.