MIFARE IC Suppliers A3M and Enzocard Join the Fight for Genuine MIFARE 27. March 2018

NXP is pleased to announce that two leading European distributors of identification solutions based on MIFARE® ICs, A3M France and Enzocard Spain, embrace the opportunity to ensure genuine MIFARE ICs in their offering in order to guarantee all the benefits that verified and authentic MIFARE products deliver.

As prominent members of the MIFARE community, which is the largest network of companies providing contactless system solutions, A3M and Enzocard play an important role in Europe when it comes to educating the market about the risks of using unauthorized products – both, for system providers and individuals.

A3M and Enzocard rely on MIFARE ICs, as a good choice for contactless smart cards and tickets. With more than 20 years of experience, MIFARE secures transportation, access, and micropayment installations globally, and brings convenience and security to billions of end users daily. Counterfeit components and cloned cards do, on occasional bases, find their way into the supply chain. NXP supports its customers in the fight against counterfeits by offering tools that can help to verify the originality of MIFARE products, besides analyses in the lab.

Through joint agreements, A3M and Enzocard have committed to join activities against counterfeits, and, as a result, will be able to offer their customers a stronger guarantee of having genuine MIFARE components in their offering. They will also be able to help their customers recognize the risks of sourcing non-genuine products and find adequate authentic alternatives. This is especially important with respect to the upcoming “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), formulating the European Union’s data protection rules. A3M and Enzocard are well aware that unlike counterfeits, only genuine MIFARE chips can ensure the performance of the intended behavior.

Insisting on genuine MIFARE products, which are available from a wide global network of authorized partners, provides all the benefits of ensured quality, reliability, performance, upgradability, and interoperability, while fostering end-user confidence. Learn more about the value of genuine MIFARE products in our brochure.