NXP Takes Public Transport Fares to Mobile with New MIFARE 2GO Cloud Service 22. March 2018

On Monday, March 19, 2018, NXP Semiconductors has launched its new MIFARE 2GO cloud service. MIFARE 2GO is a complete end-to-end cloud solution that manages digitized MIFARE® product-based credentials onto mobile and wearable devices. It connects services with devices, and helps operators issue their services instantly on NFC-enabled mobiles and wearables.

Mobility as a Starting Point

We at NXP see mobility as a starting point for going mobile. Using MIFARE 2GO, transit agencies across the globe benefit from reduced cash handling, decreased card lifecycle management and infrastructure costs, while offering time savings for passengers. Optimized to work with existing MIFARE product-based infrastructures, and designed to support all NFC-enabled mobile and wearable platforms globally, MIFARE 2GO is an extension of NXP’s MIFARE product portfolio and offers a unique combination of security and scalability – to seamlessly manage digitized transit passes.

Joining Forces with Google and Las Vegas Monorail

Google and NXP have integrated MIFARE 2GO with Google Pay, to provide seamless mobile travel experiences. The solution can already be experienced live in Las Vegas: The Las Vegas Monorail Company has announced the launch of virtual transit ticketing with the new Google Pay app for Android phones using NXP’s MIFARE product-based solution. Riders can now easily purchase fare tickets online and use their phone at the fare gate for immediate access to stations along the Las Vegas Strip.

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