MIFARE® SDK is now TapLinx 13. September 2016

We are happy to announce that the MIFARE SDK is relaunched under the brand name TapLinx. The product is available for free without paying any licensing fee – open accessible for every developer on the globe. Moreover, we have created completely new APIs which guarantee simple usage. The release of TapLinx also includes new product support such as MIFARE® DESFire® EV2, MIFARE Ultralight® Nano and many more.


The MIFARE SDK used to be the original development application for developers wanting to create their own NFC applications for Android smartphones. Now, NXP has upgraded from MIFARE SDK to TapLinx, which includes smoother and faster designing and creating of NFC applications. With TapLinx, NXP offers you a whole new experience as the One-Stop-Shop for mobile NFC development:

  • Fast and easy application development
    First and foremost, the development of applications will be easy and quick, as there are no complex low level commands in the TapLinx Javadoc. The open Java API from TapLinx will shorten the time from idea to market significantly.
  • Dedicated Developer Community
    We offer you a maintained TapLinx Developer Community, with sample source codes, video tutorials and a living Java documentation. Within this developer community there will be a forum where you can ask questions about TapLinx, the development process or the migration from the MIFARE SDK to TapLinx.
  • Develop apps for MIFARE®, ICODE® and NTAG® products
    TapLinx integrates NXPs complete NFC product portfolio in its redesigned API, meaning a friendlier user experience and less time finding details in the Java documentation or other documents. Developers can experience our MIFARE, NTAG and ICODE products with ease as TapLinx supports all three of these product families, including over twenty product variations.
  • Getting NFC products easily
    The One-Stop-Shop also includes distribution partners to get NFC products from NXP. Does not matter if you want to discover the products through samples or if you need ICs for a bigger project, everything is available at one source – the TapLinx page on our website. In detail, MIFARE Premium Partner AdvanIDe and distribution partner NFC 21 will provide assistance for all developer projects.
  • Full support
    TapLinx will be a One-Stop-Shop for creating Android apps – this means you can find useful tips and tricks in our tutorial blogs/videos, purchase NFC tags via our Partners or get support through the Developer Community. If you have any questions about TapLinx simply contact us at taplinx@nxp.com.

Join our webinar on October 5, 2016 to discover TapLinx in more detail.

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