Free webinar recording: Bringing customer experience to life with MIFARE and mobile solutions

NXP has been instrumental in the rapid growth and acceptance of contactless smartcards for public-transport, access management, loyalty and micropayment applications. Our solutions increase transaction speed, security and reliability, offering convenience and enabling multiple applications – enhancing the customer experience.

MIFARE products offer flexible and open technology, enabling attractive solutions and continuous innovation enhances existing and new use case. With a clear commitment to security MIFARE products offer advanced security functions.

In this webinar we outline the next product for contactless technology – striving for an integrated customer experience. Service providers will learn how to increase their customer reach in a high competitive environment. Operators of smartcard based systems have the opportunity to explore new revenue streams. Focusing on compatibility with existing MIFARE applications and attractive, complementary mobile solutions, you will learn how to create affordable, smart solutions for the ultimate customer experience.

Watch the recording and learn more about NXP’s solutions for an integrated customer experience.


NXP presents the future of integrated customer experience

NXP’s speakers April Jaucian-Oswald, Product Marketing Manager MIFARE DESFire, André Perchthaler, Global Alliance Manager and Christoph Zwahlen, Global Marketing Manager for Access Management, are happy to explain different contactless MIFARE solutions. Watch the recording here.