Module 2 MIFARE Plus

This one day training presents the technical detail of MIFARE Plus with the hints for optimum usages.

It includes practical workshop sessions and application specific hands-on.


MIFARE system designer
MIFARE solution developers


Knowledge of M1.1 and M1.2
Knowledge of basic cryptography e.g. TDES, AES, CMAC, CRC
Laptop WIN 2000, X or WIN7 for the workshop sessions (administration rights required)


At least a ‘quick going through’ the MIFARE Plus data sheet


Course contents

  • MIFARE Plus Introduction (evolution and positioning, ordering information)
  • Software and Hardware Installation (Pegoda RD 710, RFIDDiscover)
  • MIFARE Plus Security Level 0 incl. Workshop: pre-personalization at MIFARE Plus SL0
  • MIFARE Plus Security Level 1 incl. Workshop: switching to MIFARE Plus SL2 or SL3
  • MIFARE PLus Security Level 2 (AES and secure use of MIFARE crypto) incl. Workshop: switching to MIFARE Plus in SL3
  • MIFARE Plus Security Level 3 (SL3 functionalities, secure protocols and options) incl. Workshop: MIFARE Plus SL3 optimization of security, example migration scenario
  • Additional features in MIFARE Plus (originality check, virtual card architecture, proximity check)