Module 1 MIFARE Introduction

The MIFARE Introduction Training brings the technical basis of the complete MIFARE product family with a focus on MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C and MIFARE Classic across. Introducing the basics of symmetrical crypto and a secure contactless system design


Technical managers
Sales engineers
Business development managers
MIFARE solution developers


Basic tecnical knowledge of smart card and its applications
Laptop WIN 2000, X or WIN7 for the workshop sessions (administration rights required)
Knowledge of basic cryptography e.g. TDES, AES, CMAC, CRS

Course Contents

  • M-1.1 MIFARE Introduction (product portfolio and positioning, MIFARE applications
  • M-1.2 MIFARE Standards/Specifications (in depth of ISO/IEC 14443, designing an interoperable system, certification)
  • M-1.3 MIFARE Classic (functionalities, UID Handling, System Security) incl. Workshop: MIFARE Classic using RFIDDiscover
  • M-1.4 MIFARE Ultralight (functionalities, smart paper ticket design hints)  incl. Workshop: personalization and validation