Discover NXP's Smart Mobility solutions

Growing cities face challenges concerning traffic, space and pollution. NXP is taking smart mobility to the next level. Our activities are devoted to create solutions for cities to become greener and smarter places to live, facilitating efficient and safe mobility.

NXP has contributed to the rapid growth and acceptance of contactless smart cards for public transport applications. Our solutions increase the speed at which transactions can be performed, giving customers a whole new ticketing experience. They also enable multiple applications. Car or bike sharing cards using MIFARE® can easily become multi-application cards for different mobility solutions including all forms of public transport. A single card can be used for car sharing, parking and riding the bus or metro. With MIFARE product technology being easily integrated into smartphones, smart mobility becomes reality in the blink of an eye without changing reader infrastructure.

NXP is also well known for enabling contactless, fast, effective, secure and reliable vehicle identification through RFID technology. Our latest secure passive UHF tag, UCODE® DNA is serving various use cases including road tolling, license plate authentication, electronic vehicle registration, law enforcement, access control, vehicle immobilization and fleet management.

Smart mobility as one of the pillars of smart cities

Explore NXP’s broad RFID portfolio in our free webinar recording and learn more about how we address and enable current and future smart mobility applications. Whether you require short range or longer range reading distance, NXP can support you with the right product and with the wide network of ecosystem partners.

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