MIFARE Ultralight AES

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The MIFARE Ultralight® AES IC delivers a new level of trust for limited-use tickets and key cards by supporting AES cryptographic authentication. Designed as a secure, contactless replacement for traditional paper tickets, mag-stripe, barcode, and QR code-based systems, the IC gives solution providers a more convenient, secure way to issue single-trip and multi-use transit tickets, event tickets, access passes, loyalty cards. Further, in hospitality, it gives guests secure access to hotel rooms and other hotel facilities, including spas, gyms, and parking garages.


  • Security 
    • Protected data access based on AES authentication with 128-bit key length and optional Command Counter to limit negative authentication attempts
    • CMAC protection for message integrity protection
    • Optional AES authentication protection for 1x out of 3x 24-bit one-way-counter
    • Common Criteria certification: EAL 3+

Key Features

  • Privacy & Ownership
    • 7-byte UID with optional Random ID support for enhanced privacy
    • ECC-based originality signature (pre-programmed)
    • Originality check based on 128-bit originality key leveraging the AES authentication
  • Contactless Performance
    • ISO/IEC 14443 A -2 / -3 compliant
    • Operating distance of up to 10 cm
    • Data transfer of 106 kbit/s
  • Memory
    • 144-byte EEPROM user memory
    • Number of single write operations: 100,000
  • Scalability
    • Easy design-in by using the same memory structure with the predecessor MIFARE Ultralight products
    • helps to streamline integration and supports scalability within the MIFARE IC family with the use of same AES authentication commands


Key Benefits

  • AES cryptography for secure authentication and protected data access with 128-bit key length and optional Command Counter to limit negative authentication attempts resulting in strong guest protection, card clone prevention, and secure room access
  • Chip-level security implementations to ensure privacy, including 7-byte UID with optional Random ID support
  • Originality verification using pre-programmed, ECC-based originality signature, plus originality check back on 128-bit originality key that leverages AES authentication

Key applications

  • Single-trip and multi-use transit tickets
  • Hospitality RFID basic guest key card
  • Sporting-event tickets
  • Exhibition passes
  • Access passes, e.g. festival or leisure park entry
  • Electronic vouchers
  • Loyalty programs

MIFARE Ultralight AES Fact Sheet

Download the MIFARE Ultralight AES fact sheet here

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