MIFARE Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Give Your Guests an Experience They Never Had Before – With MIFARE

MIFARE is the leading platform for contactless smart card solutions – used in various applications. More than 80% of all contactless key cards rely on MIFARE product technology. MIFARE is NXP’s global leading brand for a wide range of contactless IC products with a read range of 4 inch. Since its introduction in 1994, we shipped 10B microchips empowering 1.2B people with convenient and efficient access to transport, buildings, loyalty schemes and 37 other applications. A significant part of these chips are used in the hospitality industry.


MIFARE is small and flexible enough to be housed just anywhere, from traditional smart cards, to key fobs, wristbands and also on smart phones and watches. It’s the preferred technology used in transport tickets, employee badges, student IDs, stadium and attraction passes, loyalty cards and hotel key cards around the globe. With MIFARE, you’ll get a world full of possibilities:

  • Convenience: MIFARE is the origin of NFC technology giving users a true touch-and-go experience
  • Multi-application: Designed to host multiple services on one card for a smarter life
  • Security: Latest MIFARE products offer banking grade security
  • Reliability: Benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the smart card business
  • Future-proof: Profit from continuous innovation enabling existing systems in the future

MIFARE Solutions for Hospitality

MIFARE Solutions Beyond Hospitality

Only genuine MIFARE products deliver the high level of security and interoperability demanded by the market for state-of-the-art contactless schemes. Check the authenticity of your hotel card with the following tools:

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