We welcome FAMOCO as a new MIFARE Advanced Partner 22. September 2016

FAMOCO is a valued partner since many years, and for its outstanding contribution to the MIFARE® product ecosystem the NXP MIFARE team has awarded FAMOCO with the MIFARE Advanced Partner status.

FAMOCO portrait

Today there are 10 billion contactless cards in circulation and in 2020 mobile transactions will total $8 trillion in revenue. 60% of the transactions will not be on the Mastercard/Visa payment scheme as we know it; they will be application based digital transactions.

Application based digital transactions are used today for mobile workforce management, mobile payment and urban mobility needs. In order to create an acceptance network for these transactions, secure devices are needed to process them. Current solutions on the market are either proprietary devices that are very secure and expensive, but not flexible, or the opposite; very flexible but highly unsecure – such as smartphones.

That’s were FAMOCO comes in: The FAMOCO devices are the only ones available on the market that integrate smart card security coupled with a secure Android version. This ensures data integrity and protects against viruses and attacks which are increasingly common on Android. The devices are managed remotely through a SaaS platform for easy deployment and simplified operational management.

Successful projects

We are happy to welcome FAMOCO in the family of Advanced Partners, due to the contribution to different projects based on MIFARE products in the past and also for the support with the recently launched TapLinx SDK. FAMOCO has already completed several successful MIFARE product based projects on a global scale, discover more below:

  • NS, the passenger railway operator in the Netherlands, uses the FAMOCO solution to equip their controllers with secure, remotely controlled devices for use cases such as ticket verification or sales to issuing fines. FAMOCO uses MIFARE SAM® AV2.
  • PlayPass is specialized in event technology and offers cashless payment applications and access control, based on a FAMOCO solution. Festival goers are equipped with an NFC bracelet which is read with the FAMOCO device to grant access and process food and beverage payments. This solution uses MIFARE Ultralight®.
  • CleanJack, propose a time & attendance registration for cleaning companies, use the FAMOCO solution to equip employees with devices that use MIFARE Classic® to track processes and work completion.
  • Dialog, the leading mobile operator in Sri Lanka, has chosen FAMOCO for their transportation ticketing system. Agents are equipped with a secure device that has no street value to issue tickets on local transport. This solution uses MIFARE SAM AV1 and MIFARE SAM AV2.