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13. January 2020 at 3:57
Just adding into this topic...

I am developing an android application (using Xamarin Android as well) that reads/write on a Desfire EV1 cards (also wanting to use the system via Android handheld POS system - running on Android 6.0). As far as testing goes, it works fine on latest android version (Android 10) but noticed that on Android 6.0 it cannot read/write properly returning an incomplete response from most blocks on the card.

By the way, I am using TapLinx (Nuget Package Xamarin) on my development, so far it is working fine as expected.

Another thing I want to know is why free memory of the card is not being released when deleteFile method is used (for replacing written file) --- is there a recommended way of releasing this memory on delete file? I noticed that every time I delete a file and create new file on the card the free memory is not being released on delete. It's a bit bothersome going on formatting the card then resetting it up with my custom keys and applications then rewriting the files I needed just so to efficiently use the free memory of the card.

Any response will be much appreciated! Thanks.
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