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20. May 2019 at 9:02
Hi David,

Yes, MIFARE4Mobile (M4M) uses the phone’s SE for security. Therefore, you cannot use M4M with unprepared phones. For obvious reasons the card data and keys cannot be lay inside of a user space application. M4M uses a SE which is mostly directly combined with the phone’s NFC reader or the providers SIM card. This approach need extra software in the sources of Android. So, you must be the supplier of the phone or wristband.

NXP offers MIFARE2Go, a solution which can be used on every phone without modification. All credentials reside on a backend system and the user operate with the backend system directly or with time limited artifacts on its phone (in case of offline situations). No SE on the phone is required in this case. You will find more information about MIFARE2Go here:


The TapLinx team

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