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2. August 2017 at 16:17
Hello again,

Yes, I am using the information on page 17, (Secret key (Kx) = 01020304050607080910111213141516), and as a message the one specified in step 4 (c8e7f707 455e194f 015e7f35 03000000), paddes to 16 bytes.

The enrollment algorithm is based on AES128 and corroborates that specified by the documentation of Ref. 23 and Ref. 24 of document DS164535 ("P5DF081 MIFARE secure access module SAM AV2."). That is, the output data corroborates all the examples presented in the NIST document 800-38B.

Obviously, there is some detail, or process, that I am not following correctly. If possible, please refer me to any documents I can use to solve the CMAC calculation.

Thank you again and regards,

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