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2. August 2017 at 14:35
Thank you for your answer.

I followed the referred NIST calculation algorithms 800-38B by AN1823 and DS 164555 and reproduced correctly the cited examples. But, I do not get from AN1823, Step 4, reproduce the result you describe (A509E6108ADBDB49CC831A02680DE82E). I attached the exits of my test program:

K 01020304 05060708 09101112 13141516

Subkey Generation
AES_128(key,0) c7fa1346 528c9a2e f2026f8e 095f7273
K1 d2c13e19 b9c613a9 02c0615a debee461
K2 a5827c33 738c2752 0580c2b5 bd7dc845

Example 2: len = 8
M c8e7f707 455e194f 015e7f35 03000000
AES_CMAC 5bc95519 d3050dea 3cdf9abb 41349dac

Example 2: len = 16
M c8e7f707 455e194f 015e7f35 03000000
AES_CMAC abe61493 d592fd1d dc4f6d82 ca336308

Any help will be appreciate.
Thank you.

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