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22. March 2016 at 14:59
Ow yes with this first step I succeeded. I am able to do the Selftest (softreset, write to fifo, send command, read from fifo).

From the datasheet I understood that to configure the PN512 for automatic Mifare anticollission, I should send 25 bytes (amongst which the NFCID, PAD and System Code) to the FIFO and send a config command to the command register. Since anticollission is nescessary for communication I also thought that the automatic Mifare anticollossion settings is obligated and the first step towards communication. Are these assumptions ok?

Anwayway, what would be the first steps (registers to attend to) to start the card detection (setup RF field, send REQA, ..)? I understand you can't tell me for each register what to write for my specific solution.

Thanks. Joris
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