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3. March 2016 at 10:29
Hi Ville,

All available methods for the representative class object of a DESFire EV1 com.nxp.nfclib.desfire.DESFireEV1 of the Lite SDK can be found here:

All what you need is available in the MIFARE SDK Lite.

You can check if the file is available before you try to access it:
selectApplication(aid)  // Select your application
byte[] fids = getFileIDs() // Get all available files in the application
if( (byte)0 == fids[0] )
{ // Looking for file ID = 0 and read it
byte[] data = readData(fids[0], 0, 16)
// Upps

Typically a file cannot be vanished, so you know all your files in your application.

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