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21. July 2015 at 14:09
Hey Phillip,

I was trying to find out information on your NFC Controller used in your Device, but I could not find the info.
The reason is, that non-NXP NFC controllers might not recognize Classic Card or have issues with detecting it.

For example my Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot detect MF Classic Card, because I have a BROADCOM NFC Controller inside it,
but the same card works perfeclty on my NEXUS 7 Tablet, because it has NXP NFC Controller in it.

I would suggest first to determine if this is the possible issue, what you can do:

- Figure out your NFC controller, which one it is
- Try your App / Sample App on another Android Device that has NXP NFC Controller in it and see what happens if you tap the same card you use to it

Then we will be able to narrow down reasons why is this happening. Because currently I see only these options:

- You do not have a real MIFARE Classic card
- You have a non-NXP NFC controller chip inside your Android Device
- OR COULD be possible bug in your software (but this one I doubt since SDK is working for me, for example)

Lets see what you find out.

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