Saigon Industry Corporation and NXP Partner to deliver Smart City applications in Vietnam 24. November 2016

CNS fab aims to produce secure smart card and reader ICs based on NXP IP to support next generation identification solutions

Saigon Industry Corporation (CNS), has announced that they will cooperate with NXP Semiconductors, the world leader in secure connectivity solutions, to enable the distribution and implementation of a new generation of secure multi-application smart cards and reader ICs for Vietnam.

The two companies will collaborate to develop governmental and smart city projects underlining Vietnam’s IoT development strategy. This partnership is significant for both companies to use the momentum of Vietnam’s economic growth and to support governmental and smart city approaches.

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) targets to be the first city in Vietnam to introduce a secure multi-application smart card incorporating the latest international standards. This collaboration is significant for both companies as well as for the semiconductor and other high-tech business environments in Vietnam.

As one of the local state development corporations in Vietnam, CNS has already led numerous successful projects for HCMC. Besides that, NXP is planning to support and cooperate with CNS for manufacturing secure ICs based on NXP IP in their fab for smart card and reader solutions. This will drive further innovations in the area of secure identification solutions like public transport, ePassport, electronic identity card, secure access and payment.

“Vietnam is one of the fastest growing markets in South East Asia and I am glad about the partnership with CNS, a company with excellent track records in many industries in Vietnam” said Jack Gijrath, Senior Director Business Development SAPAC, Business Unit Security and Connectivity of NXP Semiconductors Singapore. “The goal of our collaboration is to build secure smart card solutions for Vietnam, complementing our current NXP chip product offering in this market.”

Mr. Chu Tien Dung, CEO of CNS explained, “The goal of the two corporations is to provide innovative products to empower and connect our world to make our lives safer and easier. This cooperation brings the support for the Semiconductor manufacturing fab project to the next level of the realization. Regarding to the sales cooperation, we have engaged with NXP Semiconductors to be a NXP product resale partner for our target markets. At a next phase, CNS aims to produce our own products with NXP IP, technology and great support.”

According to Mr. Ha Hoang Huy, Director of R&D Department of CNS, “In our developing vision, the cooperation with NXP is a strategic step and now is the best time – as IoT solutions supplying activities at Vietnam is predicted at the stage of excellent growth. With our strategic location in Vietnam, our vast connections and our strong motivation in Semiconductors, CNS is ready to launch NXP products and solutions to the local customers in Vietnam. We are happy to partner with NXP to deliver secure smart connected solutions and strongly believe that together we will be successful in this cooperation.”

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